Load and Display Image#

Adapted from https://p5js.org/examples/image-load-and-display-image.html

Images can be loaded and displayed to the screen at their actual size or any other size. To run this example locally, you will need an image file, and a running local server.

from proceso import Sketch

p5 = Sketch()
p5.describe("Two copies of a photo of an astronaut walking on the moon are displayed, a small one embedded in a larger one.")

img: object  # Declare variable 'img'

def preload():
    global img
    img = p5.load_image("assets/moonwalk.jpg")  # Load the image

def setup():
    p5.create_canvas(720, 400)

def draw():
    # Displays the image at its actual size at point (0,0)
    p5.image(img, 0, 0)
    # Displays the image at point (0, height/2) at half size
    p5.image(img, 0, p5.height / 2, img.width / 2, img.height / 2)

p5.run_sketch(preload=preload, setup=setup, draw=draw)