Creative Coding#

proceso makes it easy to create visual, interactive computer programs that run in your web browser. The examples in this section demonstrate some of the package’s capabilities, from drawing in 2D and 3D to utilizing your computer’s webcam.

Here is a quick sketch of a circle moving along a Lissajous curve:

from proceso import Sketch

p5 = Sketch()
    "A purple circle moving in a figure eight on a light blue background."

def setup():
    p5.create_canvas(400, 400)

def draw():
    p5.translate(p5.width * 0.5, p5.height * 0.5)
    x = 80 * p5.cos(0.1 * p5.frame_count)
    y = 40 * p5.sin(0.2 * p5.frame_count)
    p5.fill("orchid"), y, 20)
    if p5.is_mouse_pressed:

p5.run_sketch(setup=setup, draw=draw)

View sketch